TS-GD200J Pipeline Robot


    TS-GD200J series products are a new generation of digital high-definition pipeline CCTV inspection robots. They are intelligent, networked, simple to operate, portable and humanized in design. They can be configured in a variety of configurations. The main control system can be flat panel, notebook computer or professional industrial controller. It can meet the requirement of water or anhydrous condition inspection of DN150-DN2000mm pipelines of various materials.

  • 2 million HD pixels
  • WiFi wireless
  • Strong drive
  • Measure real
  • Stable operation
  • Advantage
  • Details
  • Performance
  • configuration

Strong power and stable operation

The crawler is driven independently by six wheels on both sides, turns 360 ° in situ, and the central transition wheel increases the obstacle crossing ability.
The center of gravity design is reasonable and can effectively prevent rollover. The anti tilt capacity is ≥ 40 °, the climbing capacity is ≥ 45 °.


Wide application range and strong waterproof technology

In the dn200mm pipeline, a single 300m long-distance detection can be realized.
Sealed waterproof technology is adopted, and the waterproof can reach 10m.




Powerful software, wireless control and transmission

2 million pixel HD image quality, cloud data interaction.
Realize the front and rear video display on the same screen and switch freely.


Laser ruler, accurate measurement

Real time screenshots can be used for interpretation and evaluation during the detection process, and the on-site output meets the industry requirements.
Test and evaluation reports of standards and specifications, and provide rich report templates.




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