TS-GD200S Pipeline Sonar Detector


    TS-GD200SThe pipeline sonar detection system is mainly used for detection of water-containing pipes (full of water or a water level greater than 2/3), inspection wells or underground cavities, automatic analysis and extraction of inner wall contours to establish three-dimensional models for quantitative analysis. When used for pipeline detection, it can accurately identify most structural defects (rupture, deformation, dark connection of branch pipe, disconnection, etc.) and functional defects (sedimentation, obstacle, residual wall, dam root, etc.), automatically measure the siltation volume and generate longitudinal section diagram of the sedimentation state of pipe bottom. By matching expansion parts, the system can be combined with CCTV for comprehensive detection (abovewater and underwater). The sonar probe has a rotatable ultrasonic transducer that projects acoustic waves onto the wall of the pipe and receives the echoes. The transducer can complete 360-degree continuous scanning within 1 second; each 360-degree scan will have 400 transmitting/receiving cycles with a field angle of 0.9o, and each transmitting/receiving cycle samples 250 points.

  • Accurate measurement
  • 3D drawing of pipe bottom
  • Intuitive results
  • Generate test report
  • Advantage
  • Details
  • Performance
  • configuration

Long-distance and wide-range detection

The pipe diameter is 125mm-6000mm,

and the maximum underwater depth can reach 1000m


Automatically generate 3D model and interpretation report

Edit and generate the three-dimensional model of pipeline in the inspection project, support the quantitative analysis of sludge, and generate the interpretation report


User-friendly design and software interface, easy to operate;

Support the animation playback of pipeline section, 360 ° panoramic expansion of pipeline, and support video recording, screenshot and playback

Main applicatio 

  • Quantitative analysis of the silt in the pipeline to guide the pipeline dredging;
  • Applicable to pipeline network structure investigation when the water depth of the pipeline is greater than 300mm and the pumping and drainage conditions are not available;
  • Network data collect and result report generation in combination with or replacement with CCTV detection.


  • Accurate pipeline detection;
  • Automatic generation of pipe bottom 3D graphics;
  • Straightforward and easy to understand results;
  • Automatically generated inspection report.

Technical feature 

  • User-friendly design and software interface, easy to operate;
  • Long-distance and wide-range detection: a pipe diameter of 125mm-6000mm, a maximum underwater depth up to 1000m;
  • Support animation playback of pipeline cross section diagram, 360-degree panoramic expansion of the pipeline, video recording, screenshot and playback;
  • Site interpretation: real-time editing in engineering testing, automatic generation of 3D pipeline model with sedimentation and defects at a glance, quantitative silt analysis, automatic generation of interpretation reports, efficient production of reports;
  • Through the related function extension, CCTV video detection and sonar detection can be combined for simultaneous abovewater and underwater detection.



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