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Warm congratulations on the official opening of the Maputo Bridge in Mozambique, the first suspension bridge in Africa built by China.
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On November 10, the Maputo Bridge and its connecting line project in Mozambique, the largest suspension bridge in Africa built by China Road and Bridge Corporation, a subsidiary of China Communications Construction, was officially opened to traffic.

  The Maputo Bridge and Link Project connects the South African border crossing and the Mozambican tourist resort "Golden Point" from the city of Maputo to the south, including a suspension bridge across the bay and several arterial roads. Among them, the Maputo Bridge across Maputo Bay has become Africa's leading suspension bridge with a total length of over 3 kilometers and a main span of 680 meters. The bridge will greatly facilitate the traffic on both sides of Maputo Bay and become an important part of the main traffic road that runs through the north and south of Mozambique and connects South Africa.
  At the ceremony on the day, the local people expressed their joy and blessings for the opening of the project through various forms such as traditional songs and dances and air performances. Mozambican President Nyusi, his wife, Maputo Mayor Simango and other government officials, as well as Chinese Ambassador to Mozambique Su Jian and other diplomatic envoys from various countries attended the ceremony. More than 3,000 people including representatives of Chinese-funded institutions in Mozambique and local people attended the ceremony.
  Wuhan Tianchen's TS-K150 ultrasonic hole-forming and groove-forming detector was honored to witness this important historical process, and contributed to the hole-forming quality inspection of the main bridge and connecting lines of the bridge! The staff of our company came to the scene and fought side by side with the African brothers!
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