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Wuhan Tianchen Ultrasonic Hole Detector goes abroad again - Maldives China-Maldives Friendship Bridge
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  The China-Maldives Friendship Bridge is located in North Male Atoll, Maldives. It spans the Gaadhoo Koa Strait and connects the three adjacent islands of the atoll, Upper Male Island, Airport Island (Hulhule Island) and Hulhumale Island. It is the most important island in the Maldives. Connection line works. The starting point of the project is located in the southeast corner of Male Island, connecting with the planned Boduthakurufaanu Magu Road, and then setting up a bridge to cross the Gaadhoo Koa Strait, landing at the southern section of the Airport Island, and connecting the bridge to the Hulhumale Planned Road on the Airport Island.
  The total length of the project route is about 2km, of which the bridge length is 1.39km. The upper structure of the main bridge adopts reinforced concrete V-pier + unequal span composite beam continuous rigid frame structure, and the hole span is arranged as 100+180×2+140+100+60m. The length is 760m; the upper structure of the approach bridge adopts 30m I-beam, and the arrangement of the approach bridge on the Male Island side is: 4×30+4×30+5×30+5×30m, the length is 540m, and the airport island side adopts a 3×30m arrangement , 90m long.
  The China-Malaysia Friendship Bridge is a bridge project jointly agreed and named by the leaders of both sides during the President's visit to Malaysia in 2014. It is a key project for China to implement the "Belt and Road" initiative. China and Malaysia will work together to take the construction of the China-Malaysia Friendship Bridge as an opportunity to continuously enrich the connotation of the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" jointly built by the two countries, further consolidate and develop the comprehensive friendly cooperative partnership between the two countries, and benefit the two peoples. Promote regional peace, stability and prosperity.
  The China-Maldives Friendship Bridge is located in the corridor between Male Island and Airport Island, spanning the Gaadhoo Koa Strait. It is the first bridge project in the Maldives, the most important island connecting line project in the Maldives, and the largest project in cooperation between China and Maldives so far. The project line is 2,000 meters long and consists of bridges, reclamation embankments and roads. The main bridge has a total length of 760 meters and a continuous rigid frame bridge with a main span of 180 meters. The project is designed according to the first-class highway standard, with a designed service life of 100 years. After the bridge is completed, it will become a new landmark in the Maldives, and will effectively improve the traffic conditions between Malé and the airport island, and promote the economic development of the "Greater Malé Region".
  In March 2016, Wuhan Tianchen provided TS-K150 automatic ultrasonic hole-forming and trough-forming quality detector and related technical services for the China-Malaysia Friendship Bridge Project Manager Department of China Communications Second Aviation Administration. With good after-sales service and product quality, China In December 2016, the Mayouyi Bridge Project Department added another ultrasonic hole forming detector.
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